Moves Make Waves

Got up this morning thinking about my post on baptism yesterday, and some pretty declarative statements I made there, one of which being: “God never moves without making waves.” In doing so, I was reminded […]

Sunday ReCap

Great morning of services for The MET @ Fry Road. What a challenging message from Pastor Sal this morning… Still loving the thought that spiritual growth is the ongoing and continual process of recognizing sin […]

Sunday ReCap

Hope everyone has sufficiently celebrated Mom today. Kelly got uninterrupted free time this weekend, along with a new phone (this works for anniversary too!) and a nice dinner grilled by yours truly. Kelly is an […]

Outside the Walls

Maybe its my ADD, but I actually study better and get more accomplished outside of the office. Today I have been hanging out at my Chick-Fil-A office, responding to emails, and doing some writing. With […]