Sunday Re-Cap

What a great day at The MET |  Fry Road… Here is the recap:

  • Decided to pop in on the 5:15 crew at Buc-ees. The guys with the “real trucks” were very nice to me today- I cannot get over our servant leaders who get up at 4am.
  • Buc-ees has got to be the coolest gas station ever- no wonder everyone rocks their t-shirts.
  • 3rd week in a row we have had someone new at 6am on Power Team… If you want to really experience Fry Road, get to Hopper at 6am.
  • Scott Rodgers nailed me on a few things in the Come Clean: Anger message today. Tornado imagery crazy applicable.
  • Scott is Campus Pastor at a Multi-Site church that is getting it done – and he said our volunteers were amazing. He was super impressed at the level of skill and ownership.
  • One of my biggest leadership challenges is letting ownership grow- especially when it means doing things differently than I thought. Learned a big lesson on that today and fell in love more with our Fry Pioneers.
  • We hung out for a while at lunch and Scott had a few other thoughts on some adjustments and ways we can get better at what we do – I love sharpening my iron, even if it hurts a little.
  • Why does everyone laugh when I say I was a Space Camp counselor?
  • Heard Jones Road “Lunch with the Pastor” went well… looking forward to hearing the stories.
  • Pumped about our upcoming Fry Road “reCHARGE” on Wednesday evening 5/13 (6:00 PM, Jones Campus)- make plans to be there!
  • Hopper Staff Appreciation this week… Shoot me an email of how much you love CFISD + the awesome staff at Hopper.
  • Fry Road staff will be hanging in Cypress one afternoon this week- come hang out if you can.
  • Ready for a GNO and then a great week connecting people to the real Jesus this week.

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  1. Hey Bryan,

    I just came across your blog. Great stuff. Thank you so much for having me at the Fry Rd. Campus. I had an absolute blast. You’re right, your team is incredible. Keep up the great work everyone. And, by the way, I had never heard of Space Camp until Bryan told me about his experience. I think it’s a ‘Houston’ thing :). I hope to see you all again sometime soon. God is good.

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