WhataSunday! Sunday ReCap…

A dad leading the way
A dad leading the way

…Wow. I think today was our best Sunday yet at Fry R0ad. Getting to baptize 15 people and see the life change that God is working in our midst, is why we do what we do. Getting up at 4:30, being at the school at 6, staying until 1:30 tearing down. It all matters and makes sense when someone crosses the line of faith and demonstrates the relationship with God in their life!

As if I could pick some highlights from today- but I will try anyway:

  • Not sleeping very well because I was geeked about dunking some peeps.
  • Hanging at Starbucks for a few minutes with the coolest baristas ever… One’s from Georgia/Alabama- my kind of people!
  • Everyone buzzing around during setup in anticipation.
  • Kurt and Kim Cox – completely owning the baptizing at Fry… Kurt couldn’t sleep either! This is what it’s all about!
  • Watching the swimming pool fill up and hoping it would warm up…It did, and it didn’t.
  • Of course baptizing… 4 Dad’s jumped in the water to model for their kids, lead their families, and go public for God.
  • Seeing James come to faith at Fry… He’s been a Pioneer from Day 1, found Jesus as he was serving! Isn’t that what Jesus said would happen?
  • Great message from P Sal- wrapped the Come Clean series well… Seared the freezer full of rotted meat in my brain, can only be truly clean from the inside out!
  • If you are not a part of a Life Group, in the next 3 weeks, we will be signing up! Impossible to sit through the last 3 Come Clean messages and not see the value of a Life Group!
  • I cannot wait for “i am second” to start next week… Jesus sets the standard in Servant Leadership! We have some cool tools to go along with this series to work on together and remember to place God and Others first. Rumor has it, there is a pretty funny video to kick us off!
  • Next week is Discover The MET @ 11:00 AM service at Fry… Gotta fresh, clean baptism list ready to go.
  • If you have not invited one of your 5 again… What are you waiting for?

Its been a great day… I hit Whataburger (shocker!) on my way home and was thinking about the incredible day that was. I declared Sunday, May 31, 2009 WhataSunday @ Fry Road. Looking forward to many many more. What an incredible team of Pioneer Servant Leaders. Thanks for connecting people each day to the real Jesus in a real way- pretty cool to see the fruits of that today.

Meet You on Fry Road




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  1. So great to see God moving at Fry Road. The MET is seeing the fruit God promised would follow with our obedience. Glory to the God of all creation! Praises to the King! Thank you Pastor Bryan for your love of people and for stepping out in faith!

  2. Wow, you are missed so much here. I am so happy to see that GOD is using you. (I’m PAYING ATTENTION and I WROTE it DOWN).

    Say Hi to Kelly, let her know we miss her, too. Bjarne misses somebody his own size to pick on!

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