Sunday ReCap – Sept 27

Another solid Sunday at Fry, here is the ReCap:

  • David Quinones led worship Sunday, and it was great. God’s Spirit was vibrant and present again in his people as they sang to Him.
  • Pastor Sal threw it DOWN Sunday, what a challenge to love beyond our means! I am including some links below to DO SOMETHING ABOUT what He shared!
  • It was great having the crew from The Gate checking out our worship and gear. We will always be a learning campus… learning from others and encouraging folks to come and learn from us.
  • I believe that there are plenty of lost people in Cypress to go around and God is shaping and forming us to reach a group different from any other church in our area!
  • As I talked to Jason and the Gate crew, I was again struck with the incredible opportunity that we have to change lives all over Houston and the World… What God is doing through The MET as a multi-site church is amazing.
  • I look forward to what is ahead for The MET @ Fry Road, we are planning and budgeting for 2010 and asking God to do great things.
  • The Power Team continually amazes me… the adjustments we made to the Adventure Outpost environments are completely systematized… these guys are machines!
  • I am looking forward to Truth Students making headway on the Fry Campus, life groups have cranked up and the Student Lounge is hopping on Sunday mornings.
  • We had a great Life Group Sunday night… Its fun for me to see how God brings a unique group of people together to grow in Him!
  • Our group will not help me in my journey to be in better shape- them folks can cook!
  • Looking forward to this Sunday, my buddy Ricky is back leading worship again, and I get to bring the “good stuff” from Ruth this week. And we celebrate communion… remembering what Christ did for us on the cross.

So, I was moved by Sal’s challenge this week… Kelly and I are asking what Christmas will look like in the Rose family this year. We know we are called to be involved and there are some great organizations out there making a difference… Here are some links to DO SOMETHING with what God has done for us:

Compassion International – Sponsor a child each month from around the world, feeding, educating, and telling of the love of Christ!

Nothing But Nets – Buy a mosquito net and save a child from dying of Malaria.

World Vision – Tons of opportunities to help the poor and marginalized… every level of support is shown.

Looking forward to big things…

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  1. Here are some ministries that I am doing something for:

    KSBJ – music ministry

    Montana Indian Ministries – supporting the ministry of Pastor Bruce Plummer as he reaches out to his tribal people

    Compassion International – have been sponsoring a child in the Phillipines since 2003

    His Cherished Ones – African orphanage run by Trena Ivy

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