And God Drummed Let There Be Light…

After Miley Cyrus firmly implanted her catchy kitschy country-wide party anthem in my head as I was driving to work this morning, the radio disc jockey talked about an event coming up this Sunday known as the Texas Big Beat. On Sunday a large group of drummers in Houston will attempt to break a world record by simultaneously drumming with drummers in 10 other cities. Sounds like a pretty amazing thing to witness and with Christmas approaching and charitable giving down, the organizations that will benefit from this event are probably very thankful, to say nothing of the little drummer boy.

After hearing about this though, the DJ began to speak of the spiritual experience that this big drumming would be, and of how there is something mystical about drumming (I am sure that Tommy Lee is excluded here) and how he believes that drumming explains the Big Bang and the origins of life. Drumming. And God drummed, let there be light… In the beginning God drummed the heavens and the earth…

While thousands of people people drumming in unison would be cool to see, there is still no comparison to what God can do with just a word.

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