Permission To Engage

A memory from one of the myriad 80‘s-era Soviets vs. USA fighter-plane action movies has me inspired today.

The scene involves a once-young and fearless pilot, following a routine flight plan, who suddenly finds himself engaged by Soviet MiG fighter jets. With questioning fear in his voice, the pilot calls back over the radio to his squadron leader, who is in a darkened carrier operations room, and requests permission to react to the threat and engage the enemy.

Implications are clear in the moment, the pilot must respond and fight for his life or face the inevitable defeat at the hands of the dreaded Russians.

Today I feel like that grizzled, coffee-swilling Admiral calling out to church leaders all across the USA… you are go.

You are go… for developing an articulation of clarity in your church.

You are clear… for pursuing God’s vision and blowing past your current growth barriers.

You have no hard floor… on creating a Vision Frame, and engaging that vision through these 5 questions.

You are green light… for engaging and defeating the immediate threat you are now facing.

But, you are not engaging.

You are not engaging… because you cannot see the real enemy.

You are not engaging… because you have been through the battle before, and have the scars to remind you of the consequences of change.

You are not engaging… because you do not have the clarity weapons at hand to arm your team.

The biggest threat to the mission of the church is hurtling toward you and the “missile-lock” is on. The tone you are hearing is not coming from worship wars or the missional versus attractional buzzword tug-of-war. It is most likely your own unconscious desire to maintain status-quo and sustain the organization rather than take the necessary risks to reach outside the walls.

Don’t bug out. Flip the visor down, get in there and get back to flying with the fearless calling that got you into this to begin with. You have permission to engage.

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