Thanks Giving

Today I would like to Give Thanks for…

The Cross and my only hope for forgiveness and a life that matters.

A God who would go to that length for me.

Not having to have answers for the Why, even though I am struggling today.

My beautiful wife who loves me, laughs with me and is a great mom.

My hilarious kids who sing and dance and and are precious gifts of joy.

The opportunity to serve God through His Bride, the local church.

My parents and the childhood of adventures and top secret recipes I had.

My extended family, wish we could be there to build quilt forts today.

My friendships, spanning 3 decades, 5 states and 1,000s of miles.

I love you all, thanks for being a part of who I am..

For you that have lost someone this year, I am praying for you today.

Have a blessed and thankful day.


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