The Best Easter Sermon Idea, Ever!

For the Pastor out there laboring over making this Easter’s message more memorable, more powerful or more compelling than ever before…

For the creative team trying to find a “hook” for the Easter service to make it more appealing or more exciting…

Jesus is Enough.

Just give them Jesus…

…the Son of God and Son of man.

…the One who emptied himself.

…the King who set aside His crown and wore a servants towel.

…the Friend of sinners.

…the Hope of all creation.

…the Leader who humbled Himself in obedience.

…the Love that hung on a cross.

…the Defeater of sin and death.

…the Tomb-emptier.

…the Highly Exalted of God.

…the Way, the Truth and the Life.

…the One whose name is above every name.

…the Name at which every knee will bow.

…the Confession of every mouth:

Jesus Christ, the Lord.

He will not be enough for some.

The crowd has always desired for Jesus to be more of what they want, than who He is.

But, Jesus IS enough for them this Easter.

And, Jesus is enough for you.

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