4 Christmas-Break Behaviors for the Next 2 Weeks


It’s official… Amazon is now making sure we all know of their deadline for delivery by Christmas.

This means that the Christmas season is now in full effect. That our kids are watching movies at school. And that many of you are still trying to figure out what gift to get for your spouse.

Still others are  lining up your annual rituals of planning and making lists for health, happiness and prosperity in 2014.

Hopefully you are about to enjoy some well-earned down time, some form of Christmas-Break. Here are  4 Christmas-Break Behaviors for the Next 2 Weeks:

1. Restto allow to be inactive in order to regain strength health or energy    Leaders need rest to be able lead more effectively. There are no badges for busyness. Pastors, how much more critical that you model to the congregation, a life of trust and faith in God’s redemptive work by demonstrating rest in your own life? Now, I am not advocating a Netflix-induced TV binge… but hey, there may or may not be a whole half-season of The Walking Dead to catch up on.

2. Relateto feel sympathy and identify with    Family will never be closer than the next few weeks. This is a good thing and will quickly become a bad thing. Instead of wishing yourself away from “these people,” will yourself into their lives a bit more. Begin by asking questions that allow a deeper level of connection than musings of cold weather and SEC football dominance. You might be surprised at what has been just underneath the surface these last few years.

3. Readto look at and comprehend the meaning of   Pick a book and read it. Aside from your Bible, grab a novel, biography or self-help treatise and spend some time comprehending the meaning. Challenge yourself to beak away from the norm for just this season. If your standard fare is Collins, Drucker or Gladwell, get lost in a great Grisham story. If People or US is more your speed, pick up Lincoln or another biography and get back to the roots of American pop culture. No matter the genre, become immersed, then reflect on the author’s intent or deeper message. You will be better as a result.

4. Revelto enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way    God has worked in your life this year, in the good times and the bad. Evidently you still have internet access… so, you’ve got that going for you. Before 2013 comes to an end, make a more introspective assessment of the blessings of this year. Aim for at least 12 significant moments, decisions, or reasons to smile and thank God. Then… turn up some music really loud (I prefer “80’s on 8” or anything Will Smith), and dance. And sing. And make your family and friends uncomfortable. Then smile and laugh and ask God for even more reasons to revel in His Grace next year.

It will not be hard for most leaders to look ahead to 2014. Many are already asking God where Hs is leading and actively setting forth goals and objectives for the New Year. The reality is, the planning and forecasting and calendaring will be waiting when you walk back into the office come January.

For now, maybe it’s time to just be present in the moments you will be given during the next two weeks and enjoy your Christmas-Break… however long or short it is.

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