We Can Do Better – 5 Church Signs to Makeover

NoSignSeth Godin recently posted a brilliant blog (shocker!) entitled “They’re your words, choose them”

In it, he simply and directly reminds us:

There’s no legal requirement that signs have to make you sound like a harsh jerk in order to carry weight or to inform the public.

Here is the full post from Seth. And here is a post from Auxano founder Will Mancini.

Following their lead, lets makeover some typical church signs – turning a potential negative message into an opportunity to cast vision and communicate your church’s personality. Of course, if negative signs do reflect your church’s true personality… there may be bigger problems to deal with.

1) No Food or Drinks in the Worship Center… could become

  • Accidents happen, thanks for keeping your food and drinks in the lobby.
  • Coffee is better in the cup than on the carpet. Please drink yours out here to avoid spilling it in there.
  • Food Allowed in Worship Center: Loaves & Fishes, Wine & Crackers – All Else Should Remain Out Here

2) Do Not Enter After Service Starts… could become

  • This door = BIG ‘OLE ENTRANCE…  Other door = UNDER THE RADAR…  Your Call
  • A Bunch of People Are About to Turn and Look at You. Or You Can View in Our Cafe
  • After Service Starts, Entry Reserved for the Holy Spirit Only

3) No Skateboarding… could become

  • The Baptist church down the street has killer rails… Just Saying.
  • You may be RAD, but our insurance STINKS… Please Skate Somewhere Else
  • All Skaters Will Be Hugged, Repeatedly

4) No Parking… could become

  • Please park here to volunteer in Preschool every Sunday at 8am
  • It’s Not You… It’s Me. No Wait… It’s the Fire Marshall. Please Park Elsewhere
  • We won’t tow your car if you park here, but we will shoe polish your tithe on the windshield.

5) Visitor Parking Only… could become

  • Our Guests Get The Best Parking Spot… Right?
  • The Last shall be First and the Closest shall be First Time Guests, Please.
  • ESPECIALLY if it’s raining, Guests get these Spots

Share your own version for one of the above… or add a new sign in the comments below.

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