Top 7 Launch Clarity Posts of 2014

calimageAs 2014 comes to a close, I wanted to take an introspective look at the top posts from the Launch Clarity blog this year, and share a bit of unfiltered insight on why I wrote each one. As another year dawns, I am thankful that the Lord has allowed me to pursue my passion for serving His Bride, leverage the CreativEthos that He has implanted in my DNA, and inspire leaders across the spectrum of church-life toward break-thru clarity.

Have a Happy New year… I am looking forward to connecting with you in 2015.

– Bryan


1. Official 2014 Church Vision Statement Generator

Why I wrote this: Was skimming Facebook and seeing all of the “name” generator posts, while at the same time thinking about all of the Pastors preparing for their New Year’s “first sermons” by looking around at what others said last year. Most church Vision Statements have about as much impact on church life, or as much relevance, as one generated this randomly. As a side note… much of this was written in the shower, yelling ideas over the curtain at my wife, who is infinitely more funny than I am.

2. Which Celebrity Pastor Are You?

Why I wrote this: The “safe” response is that I was snowed-in, bored, and on Facebook again. The real response is that I was trying to capture the magic of the Church Vision Statement Generator again… which was a very high bar to set on Day 1 of 2014. Needless to say, I think I was just trying too hard.

3. Values of V-Necks? 3 Ways to Hire for a Cultural Fit

Why I wrote this: Every week I see church leaders that know a good hire when they see one, but often cannot systematize or share what a good hire looks like… making them hard to actually see. This post was simply a way to apply one side of Auxano’s Vision Frame, in a very practical way, to an ongoing need in every local church. Also, I like picking on worship ministers… try and lead one, and you will see why.

4. Why Most Church Vision is About as Good as Church Coffee

Why I wrote this: Two of my passions colliding… that is the best way to explain this post. I love coffee and seeing church leaders “get it” when it comes to vision. The opportunity to communicate that coffee and vision both take time and effort, if they are to be worth anything, was too good to pass up.

5. Four Guest Experience Practices for March Madness

Why I wrote this: Even a church in steep decline has Guests visit…  yet most churches, even healthy ones, are rarely aware of what their Guests actually experience on any given Sunday. But everyone is Guest-ready at Easter, or should be.

6. We Can Do Better: 5 Church Signs to Makeover

Why I wrote this: Honestly, because Auxano’s founder, Will Mancini, wrote a similar post that struck me as an opportunity to have some fun with church signs. Will’s post was helpful, I was just shooting for humorous.

7. How to Fail at Direct Mail: Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Postcards

Why I wrote this: Frankly, I am a little ashamed of my tone in this post, I don’t like coming off as an angry elf or church-troll. Yet, the absurdity of this direct mail piece, from a large church that should have the resources to do better, inspired my ire. Probably because I imagined my unchurched neighbors around the cul-de-sac just scratching their heads and writing off another opportunity to connect with the Gospel. Like I said, only a little ashamed at the tone.

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