How Clear Vision Impacts Every Decision in Church Building Projects

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Your church will never spend more money, invest more time or ask for a higher degree of involvement from its leadership that it will during a season of relocation or expansion. My personal experiences in both the profession of architecture and positions of ministry have, through time, revealed that success in undertaking a major construction project ultimately comes down to a clear understanding of identity and calling.

Discernment and vision-driven direction become critical in every decision during a church building project or facility renovation. Even a seemingly small initiative like Children’s Ministry theming carries great potential for impact when done in context of vision. Understanding your mandate to make disciples through the lens of vision clarity becomes an informative tool in every project to help ensure that the physical environment is a compelling reflection of your missional call.

Most importantly, focusing architectural initiatives through vision clarity also reminds us that buildings are a TOOL for vision, but NOT THE VISION in themselves.

In Architectural Initiatives, a deep sense of vision clarity:

Anchors Activity

Buttresses Basics

Contextualizes Creativity

Directs Design

Enables Engagement

Frames Facades

Guides Green

Highlights Hazards

Infers Importance

Justifies Juxtaposition

Keeps Keystones

Leverages Loans

Maximizes Moments

Names Non-Issues

Optimizes Opportunity

Prioritizes Phasing

Quickens Questions

Right-sizes Resourcing

Supports Strategy

Tames Three-Dimensions

Undergirds Uniqueness

Visualizes Vision

Widens Windows

X-Rays Xenodochium

Yields Yards

Zeros-In Zoning

So some of those were a stretch, but you get the point. The excitement of a new season of building, planning or design is a great opportunity to get back to the basics as a church. One opportunity would be to start a conversation with your team on how vision clarity, as seen through a tool like the Vision Frame, can create compelling environments in your next church building project.

Ask: How might a renewed sense of purpose and identity help our next construction project…

    … Echo Missional Meaning?

    … Reveal Core Convictions?

    … Facilitate Intentional Growth?

    … Celebrate Missional Success?

    … Direct Vision Advancement?

If you are entering into a season of construction or wondering how vision clarity can influence upcoming key decisions related to facilities or building, you can also start a conversation with our team.


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