Vision Is Not…

Vision isn’t a moment on a Sunday – Vision is a movement happening everyday.
Vision isn’t a one-time event – Vision is an ongoing eventuality.
Vision isn’t a statement on a wall – Vision is a state of mind led by a call.
Vision isn’t a leader’s style – Vision is the substance of all leadership.
Vision isn’t a featured project to reveal- Vision is a future projection in which to revel.
Vision isn’t a upcoming program to launch – Vision is an ongoing picture to paint.
Vision isn’t a building for a church’s function – Vision is a framework for God’s future.
Vision isn’t a crystal-ball prognostication – Vision is a bent-knee revelation.
Vision isn’t a good idea for that one-day – Vision is God’s idea for your every-day.
Vision isn’t a realm for envied conference speaking preachers – Vision is the reality for every congregation serving pastor.
Vision isn’t a contemplative mountaintop excursion- Vision is a collaborative group discovery.

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