The single-biggest distraction for most pastors

Pastoral effectiveness and longevity lives in the difference between doing ministry and developing leaders.
However, there looms a wide chasm between knowing you should develop leaders and actually developing leaders.
Most staff teams do ministry to validate their work and protect their position, rather than develop leaders to share in the work and equip the saints.
What is most validating to your job as a pastoral leader, may ultimately be most distracting to your calling as a disciple maker.
It is more important to develop than to do.
But developing leaders requires intent, time and tools.
My good friend Mac Lake has created more leadership tools and teaching than anyone else I know. His newly-launched Youtube channel contains weekly content to jump-start the journey toward becoming a developer. On behalf of your team, and your future in ministry, give it a look and subscribe.
Don’t sell your pastoral calling short by distraction of validation.

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