3 Key Changes to Your Guest Experience You Can STILL Make Before Easter

It’s not too late!
You can still make the one hospitality change that could make an eternal difference this Easter. It is too late to be overwhelmed at everything that could be done, but you’ve got plenty of time to do at least one thing that needs to be done.
Here are three guest experience changes you STILL have time for:
Change #1… Online: Make your location and service times CLEAR!
The most noticeable button or graphic on your church’s homepage should be focused on helping first-time guests know when and where your services take place.
Change #2… Outside: Move your greeters beyond the doors.
People look for people, so your greeting team needs to move outside the doors and onto the sidewalks. Build confidence with presence and build excitement with smiling faces as guests approach your building.
Change #3… Inside: Mark your welcome team with a bright, colorful badge or lanyard.
We can have the “volunteer t-shirt debate” another day, but let’s just say that Easter Sunday most people still want to dress up some. Mom makes us take pictures! We can agree that nobody looks great in an oversized t-shirt they’ve pulled on over their Easter dress… so leverage lanyards or badges that STAND OUT to make your hosts visible.
One more thing… you still have time to recruit a few more people, but we have to move beyond stage announcements. Make it your goal to PERSONALLY ask at least one person or couple to serve somewhere every day this next week.
You still have time. What are you waiting for?



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  1. We made two simple changes leading to Easter, first we started encouraging our greeters to welcome people outside and open the doors for our guests. Secondly we have ordered new lanyards that are bright blue (as opposed to our current black ones) that will be arriving before Easter.\

  2. We love the idea of putting the greeters outside the doors, and we have already made up more colorful, can’t miss lanyards for them as well. Lots of great info in the webinar. Thanks!!

  3. Thanks for the Webinar! We immediately made sure our church location and Easter times (which are different from usual) are super easy to find. We also made a point of encouraging our door greeters to stand outside and dress for the weather. We already have lanyards to identify our team. Great tips!
    Carole Hoy

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