Don’t Just Turn on the Camera…

…some off-the-cuff ideas for your online gatherings in the next few weeks.

  1. Encourage families to watch safely, and together.
  2. Make this a disciple-making moment for your people.
  3. Shorten your message and focus your points.
  4. Share how you are truly feeling.
  5. Empathize, don’t politicize.
  6. Make prayer a priority.
  7. Give handles for those far from Christ watching.
  8. Encourage your body to engage their neighbors.
  9. Make this a disciple-making moment.
  10. Give parents questions to engage their kids around your message.
  11. Don’t speak over young kids’ heads.
  12. Include worship – real, live worship.
  13. Encourage everyone to sing along, not just observe.
  14. Make this more than a Sunday moment, give handles for Mon-Sat.
  15. Set up a portal for story sharing and feedback.
  16. Take prayer requests in real-time by text/email.
  17. Include giving opportunities.
  18. Make points of application that engage missional action.
  19. Speak confidently from the word of God.
  20. Preach from the Bible, not Fox News or CNN.
  21. Preach from the Bible, not your feelings: confident or fearful.
  22. Tell stories of how God is moving in your church.
  23. Recognize small groups who are able to safely meet together to watch.
  24. Remind your people to check on their neighbors.
  25. Give your people the opportunity to watch with their neighbors.
  26. Guard against inappropriate humor – not everyone shares your perspective.
  27. Guard against criticizing others’ humor – some people just cope that way.
  28. Extend grace to those who disagree with your decision to not meet.
  29. Make eye contact with the camera as often as you can.
  30. Remember to tell your face to smile – God is still on His throne.
  31. Encourage your people to be the church, even if they cannot go to church.
  32. Help your people help those around them who are not working or may not have food.
  33. Use the technology to mobilize people to react to needs in your community.
  34. Set up a daily Bible reading plan for everyone to read along together.
  35. Pick a time twice a day for your body to pray together for our country, your community and our leaders.

What ideas would you add?

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