Outside the Walls

Maybe its my ADD, but I actually study better and get more accomplished outside of the office. Today I have been hanging out at my Chick-Fil-A office, responding to emails, and doing some writing. With my Sony in-ear headphones and Hillsong United cranked, I seem to accomplish more when there is movement and people around me.

Not to say that this is uninterrupted time. The marketing directors, managers, and operator have all stopped by and talked to me. 3 people from church and a staff wife have all caused me to pull my earphones out (checking to make sure there isn’t a bunch of wax on them) and stop my flow.

But for me, thats energy, thats fuel for what I do. Its much easier to craft devotionals when I am looking at a diverse group of people and writing to them, as opposed to my office wall. In working through the daily, and inevitable, church issues that require an email response, I find being out and among the people we claim to be trying to reach, helps me to clarify the what and the why easier.

Maybe that’s why Jesus never set up camp at the synagogue and worked from the temple. Maybe keeping the mission in perspective works the best when you are sitting in the mission field. I’d like to think that getting outside the walls of the church helps me get inside the hearts of those we hope to connect.

Plus you get samples and free stuff.

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  1. AMEN to that! kudos to you for venturing outside the walls and being a part of the lives of the people we’re called to reach.

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