Sunday ReCap

Hope everyone has sufficiently celebrated Mom today. Kelly got uninterrupted free time this weekend, along with a new phone (this works for anniversary too!) and a nice dinner grilled by yours truly. Kelly is an amazing Mom in that she gets up in the night with Matthew and lets me sleep, loves reading to Macy every night, works hard to grow and learn how to be a better parent, puts up with me and my shenanigans, and finally, she loves God and leading people to Him. Enough about us, here is the Fry rundown today:

  • We were VERY thin on the Power Team this morning, but those who could be there worked their butts off and we got ‘er done.
  • I put out signs this morning with one of the most humble, servant-hearted guys on our team: Nate. I enjoyed just hanging out talking with him.
  • Some of the signs might have been in the wrong place, that’s all me!
  • Worship was off the chain… Jenna made a bunch of people cry.
  • The videos today were great, love man on the street interviews, and well, the “Mother’s Day Picture” was the perfect setup for Sal.
  • Sal challenged me yet again to open our home for others.
  • “If you got something out of today’s message…” did not come out the right way- of course you did, it was great.
  • I saw new faces hanging around helping tear down- that’s awesome. Also had a new Power Teamer this morning – thanks for being there Jason!
  • Got to see some great creativity in the Adventure Outpost this morning… Austin makes a great homeless guy.
  • Tom + Rose – another of their “5” showed up today- they get this Fry Road vision!
  • Man it was hot… Looks like I need to pick up less coffee, more Gatorade! Have I said how much I love our Sweaty Church lately?
  • Cannot forget to mention the banner! I love seeing the impact we are having at Hopper. To read the banner up close, be there for reCHARGE Wednesday night from 6-7:45 PM @ Jones Campus. RSVP childcare to my office by Monday afternoon.
  • reCHARGE is going to be great… I have an AWESOME story to tell! Cannot wait to celebrate what God is doing.
  • Our First Touch team is the most flexible, go with the flow, problem solving group of people I know.
  • Next week’s speaker is a loose canon… should be interesting.
  • If you are going to be at the CyFair Health Expo Saturday, stop by The MET’s booth and say howdy!

Have a great week everyone! Thanks for loving God and loving people… See you Wednesday night at reCHARGE!

Meet you on Fry Road,


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