7 Reasons Why I Love Baptism

1.    It is all about going public.
There is no better way to serve notice that God has done something big in your life than through baptism… It is an expression of faith through the saving grace of Christ. (Romans 6:3-5)

2.    It is focused on Christ.
It is in imitation of Christ (Mark 1:9) – He modeled it for us.
It is an instruction by Christ (Matthew 28:19-20) – its just part of what we do.
It is an invitation to Christ  – others get to see life change and be challenged.

3.    It is a Spiritual Marker.
In Acts 8, the experience of the eunuch, shows us that there is never a better time than “right now” to celebrate and demonstrate the life change found in Christ.

4.    It is Uncomfortable.
Its not something you just do… getting dunked under water comes with a lot of questions and fears. Plus everyone is watching you- that is not something to be taken lightly or without the merit of salvation.

5.    It is Counter-cultural.
This is a cousin to the uncomfortable thing… It sets Christ followers apart and is not something you see every day or do over and over again…  there isn’t much of that left in our world.

6.    It is beautiful.
There is always a story… God never moves without making some waves, and we get to see the results and celebrate together. The inspiration of one person’s obedience impacts those in the faith and those struggling or searching as well.

7.    It is a blast!
Especially when done in unique ways, like in someone’s backyard pool, in a Colorado glacial lake, or within a group celebration. Never let the constraints of environment contain your ability to celebrate transformation. Buy a horse trough or inflatable swimming pool and head outside if need be.

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