Sunday ReCap

Great morning of services for The MET @ Fry Road. What a challenging message from Pastor Sal this morning… Still loving the thought that spiritual growth is the ongoing and continual process of recognizing sin and moving far from it. So many times we confuse sitting in a class, holding an event, or attending a Bible study with growing, but really they are the vehicles that help us identify and flee sin. Great stuff from Sal:

Here is a ReCap from today:

  • Memorial Day weekend- our first big holiday weekend since launching The MET @ Fry Road… Down some in attendance, but noticed a general laid-back air more than anything.
  • Had two new Power Teamers show up at 6AM on a holiday weekend. Love seeing God add people to the team!
  • Tested a new format for the message this morning… Video Sal still needs some tweaks, but heard lots of laughing, amen-ing, and felt sense of engagement- love the Pioneer Spirit of our Fry Road team!
  • Challenging message, God rocked some worlds this morning, love it when people are honest and admit they cannot do this on their own.
  • Message today was huge reinforcement for the need for 2AM friends… If you are not in a Life Group, get in one this Summer!
  • Looking forward to Baptisms – Fry Road style= next Sunday. Have an awesome family taking the lead and “owning” baptisms at Hopper- they literally took the ball and ran with it! Humbled that God would ask me to lead folks like that. It will be a Sunday for the history books.
  • Its funny when 1:05 feels like we were late getting out.. Anyone remember when I bought pizza for getting out by 1:30?
  • Great conversations this morning with 3 new families who have been around The MET for a while, but just now understanding and exciting about living the SERVE and BELONG strategy components.
  • Next Discover The MET happens Sunday June 7, during 11 AM service… Be there and learn what it means to call The MET “my church” and take your Next Steps.
  • Tomorrow, I am looking forward to answering the question to God that Pastor Sal posed to God during today’s message: “God, what should I smoke?” – Of course the answer is ribs + brisket!
  • Time with family and friends tomorrow will be much needed… trying to figure out if I should hit the gym or not.

Have a great day with family and friends and smoked meats tomorrow! Do NOT miss our baptism services (9 + 11AM) next Sunday… Nothing like celebrating life change in Christ!

Meet you on Fry Road,


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