Picture 1Its that time of year, when lots of people I know, follow on Twitter, or work with (not that any of those are mutually exclusive categories) are vacationing. And I was completely cool with our plans at the end of July to head back to the Land of Milk and Honeyuntil I heard what everyone else was doing! From laying on the beach in the Bahamas to escaping to the lake…  I forgot that going on vacation has a lot to do with doing a lot of nothing. Somehow, I planned a “vacation” of driving, attending Kelly’s High School Reunion (had to include this image from their website – athletics obviously outweighs academics- the “hilight” of my day today!), and spending time with family. Not bad things (I love time with our family and friends!), but definitely not doing nothing.

Soooo, I am reformatting some of the details of our trip to include some “nothing” time, but I also wonder, what folks in the Houston area do or where we go to do nothing? If one could make best use of a few days away, and would like to disappear and fall off the grid, where does that happen around here? Do you have a favorite place to recharge that is off the beaten path and cost effective? Any secrets or last minute deals on cruising out of Galveston?

Would love to hear from you…

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  1. Bryan, I can help you with the cruise out of Galveston. Just let me know when you want to go. Does everyone have passports???

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