Sunday ReCap

The summer has officially started, and The MET at Fry Road is sizzling HOT! Great day today, here is the ReCap:

  • I raced the Tech trailers down Fry this morning at 5:45… Only Danny + Barry didn’t know they were racing me! Needless to say I won!
  • The moon was full and HUGE right as we were getting there- was kind of cool to see a reflection of the Sun right above the school that we pray is a reflection of the SON. HA! Cheese factor 5.
  • I love it when new guys show up at 6AM. Also had an 18 year old there at 6 AM who graduated from HS tonight at 4 PM. I love the heart of a servant!
  • Randy Coleman kicked off the “i am second” series today – challenged us to do, and be people of action, not just intention- second REALLY is first!
  • Hoped you picked up some invite cards and you are wearing an i am second wrist-wrap… I got mine on!
  • Great Discover The MET session today – more people signed on to be a part of the Fry Road team! One of which was directly invited by some of you Fry Road Pioneers! I love seeing life change and growth in Christ!
  • Saw some other people who were first time guests who were invited by Fry Road ‘neers… I get so fired up when you guys invite your friends and family. Who is in “Your 5?”
  • Ask me who My 5 are, you never know I might just ask you!
  • Lunch with Randy challenged me as your leader, showed me where I can be better Campus Pastor and how to help you impact and invite those God has placed in your life!
  • Thanks for making Fry such a great place!

Like I said, its going to be HOT this summer at Fry (not in the Cafetorium of course!) as we kick off a summer session of Life Groups,  and invite the Jones Road people over to Experience Fry Road, and especially as we take this 4 week journey called “i am second” – subscribe to the ias blog here!

Have a great week, Sunday will be awesome as we discover that least is most! Who are you bringing with you?

Meet You on Fry Road,


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