Sunday ReCap 06/28

Great Sunday at Fry Road… it’s definitely going to rank in the Top 5 so far:
•    Every once in a while I have an idea that turns out to be a pretty good idea… The Experience Fry Road idea may yet be one of those. Scheduling Life Groups from the Jones campus each summer weekend, to volunteer and “experience” what we do week in week out got off to a great start.
•    We were setup just about everywhere by 7AM! And we set the mark on getting out the door at Hopper… 1:10. 1 PM is the Holy Grail for load-out… one day we will make it, but 1:10 is amazing.
•    There was a buzz around Hopper on Sunday- saw where a guest family came that morning because of our sign on the Fry Road property!
•    Just about every Jones-er told me that they 1) couldn’t believe how much goes into a Sunday at Hopper, 2) how amazing our Unselfish Servant Leaders are, and 3) how awesome The MET @ Fry Road is… I can take credit for exactly zero of that.
•    Our Fry pioneers ARE incredible, their heart for service is HUGE… and it has been fun seeing them grow in their inviting lifestyle. God is using them all week long!
•    It was obvious that we could use more people to surround this vision and get sweaty with us every week… when that happens, there are no limits to what God will do around here!
•    We had a bunch of guest families Sunday! Goes to show you that God doesn’t slow down during the Summer and He will bring people to experience life change no matter the calendar… pulling out the black chairs never gets old.
•    Summer camps have been incredible… Over 40 children committed their lives to Christ at the Adventure Children’s Camp this past week! A bunch of our leaders were there and got to see God do big things… Our Preschool and Children’s ministries are quickly becoming part of a church that “children drag their parents to”- and you have not seen anything yet… This fall will bring a whole new level of laying Biblical foundations in Children and Preschoolers.
•    Our students have had a great couple of weeks serving God and growing closer to Him- cannot wait to see how our Truth ministry will grow this fall.
•    This Sunday is July 5… freedom has always come with a cost – the shedding of blood. As we remember the freedom we enjoy as a nation this Sunday, we will also celebrate the freedom that comes from the love of God through His Son’s death on the cross. Do not come alone this week, and if you have friends or family that have served or are currently serving in our Armed Forces or as an Emergency Responder, be sure to bring them for a special tribute and recognition.

I am amazed that I get to lead this movement of God in Cypress. Have a great week!

Meet you on Fry Road,


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  1. I spoke with two visiting families and they both expressed how they enjoyed the service… Seemed like great families!

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