Sunday ReCap 07.12


Busy day today for The MET @ Fry Road… but a really good day. Here is the rundown:

  • Way shorthanded on the Power Team at 6am, was great to have some Jones poeple helping, but we really missed some of our Fry guys.
  • Had to stand in front of a fan so my sweat would dry and I could change clothes.
  • We have some incredible servant leaders who are just get it done guys – Chris, Carl, Tony, Jim, and Mike were All-Stars today!
  • Sal’s message this morning drilled me on preferring to stay comfortable rather than embrace the pruning of the Vinedresser.
  • Once again, we had quite a few guest families… God is bringing people, people!
  • Discover The MET had 13 people in attendance, August 16 is going to be a great baptism Sunday!
  • Saw Tech recruting today (win) -saw 2 people taking First Serve’s with Children/Preschool (win) -new faces all over (win! win!) – more than one family said that guests they invited showed up today (win! win! WIN!)
  • We are midway through the summer, for a 5 month-old campus, it can be a scary time… but God has been faithful.
  • VBS cranks up this week on the Jones campus – lots of people working hard this weekend to be ready to make an impact on the kids of our community.
  • I have the honor of praying for the VBS leaders in the morning… a strong children and preschool ministry is our most important ministry objective right now- at both campuses.
  • Karley has some awesome ideas about taking the Adventure Outpost and Exploratiion Island environments to the next level… August 23 is going to be a blast.
  • We are inviting our school staff and district officials to services on August 23 to pray for them and encourage them as the new school year kicks off.
  • My feet hurt and I am ready for a nap… looks like I am on the couch, as Macy has taken my spot on the bed.
  • I love getting to be the Campus Pastor for The MET @ Fry Road…. nothing beats living in your sweet spot!

Looking forward to a great week.. Will be working in Cypress some, holler if you see me there.

Meet You on Fry Road-

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