Sunday ReCap

Cheering on the cyclists.
Cheering on the cyclists.

Wow… I just looked back and realized that I have not posted a blog entry since July 20… and I am okay with that. I spent some much needed time away, and yesterday was the first Sunday back in the saddle. It was a fun day at Fry Road, and really marked our last “normal” Sunday of the Summer. Here is the rundown:

  • Experience Fry Road wrapped up with the last of our Jones Road Life Group visits. It has been awesome getting to talk to the people that have been praying, giving, and supporting the Fry Road Campus, long before we were on the ground…
  • And by the way- to a person they have been blown away at what God is doing through our incredible team of Unselfish Servants.
  • One of the most fun parts of Sunday was taking advantage of the 600 or so triathletes who rode past Hopper Middle School on their bikes between 7:15-and 8:30 AM. Much thanks to the sign guys for making our presence known… And to the great sports from Jones Road who went out to cheer them on.
  • I don’t know if any of the bicyclists will ever attend The MET @ Fry Road, but all of them knew we were there! Maybe they will tell a friend.
  • I think I will race in it next year… IF I do, I expect our whole campus to be out there cheering me on… And I promise I will not be the one biking in just a Speedo… That guy was hard core.
  • Robbie and Nicolas did a great job leading us, and it was great to see both services packed. Funny enough, when I had the Jones people raise their hands, it was no more than 20 or so each service. I cannot wait to see what God does this Fall.
  • I am too excited about the next couple of weeks to be able to even type about it right now… all I can say is Next Sunday: Family Style Services– they will be short and sweet. I am also fired up about inflating the Swimming Pool… and celebrating those folks going public with their faith!
  • If you know, are connected with, or related to a teacher, administrator, counselor, or employee of the local School District, make sure you invite them Sunday August 23… We usually wait until the end of the year to recognize and say thanks to our teachers, but this year, lets KICKOFF the school year that way.
  • Send an evite for August 23 KICKOFF Sunday right here.
  • There are some great local missions opportunities coming up soon… I will be sending more specific info later, but we have a Missions Saturday event this Saturday, as well as the next Church Under the Bridge on Sunday the 23rd. If you need more info asap, email the missions team:
  • Load out on Sunday was an adventure… Wouldn’t you know that as soon as I was telling one of the Jones Road folks that we have never loaded out in the rain… It came a flood. Teaches me to open my big mouth.

    Rainy Load Out

That’s about all for this week… Its great to be back and blogging. I have some thoughts that I will try and share very soon.

Meet You on Fry Road,


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