A Few of my Favorite Tweets…

Picture 18I just recently passed the 1500 Tweet point on Twitter, been on since December… Here are a couple of the stats I got from TweetStats: January all time high month. Monday gets the least amount of Tweets, Friday gets the most. I Twitter the most during the 10 AM hour… weird. I have never sent a Twitter during the 3AM hour. I tweet the Most on Sundays during the 5AM hour.

What can I say, Twitter works perfect for my brain… I am always thinking these little bursts of thoughts, and wishing that other people could see what I see and hear what I think. Well, with and iPhone and Twitter, for better or for worse, it can happen. I usually have a pretty high filter on, cannot open the mental vault, all the way- that would be way to scary.

All of that said, here are a few of my favorite tweets, to date:

It’s on! The MET is on Fry Road!           11:17 AM Jan 18th from txt

I send a tweet just about every Sunday as I drive down Fry Road at 5:45 AM… I just get so fired up about the potential of that day, and expectation of what God is going to do. This tweet was from our first ever service at Hopper… I am guessing I was standing at the back getting ready to challenge our Pioneer team to reach great heights.

wegotababyitsaboy… Matthew Grant Rose          4:50 PM Mar 10th from web

Literally the nurse had just left the hospital room and said “Congratulations” as we just stood there dumbfounded holding this precious little boy. It was an emotional day, and I tweeted a reference to one of my favorite commercials. FYI- March 10 is also the day we got Macy- “Gotcha Day” -for sure!

He’s not jaundice, he’s part Hispanic…          10:36 AM Mar 13th from Twitterrific

Hilarious moment at the pediatrician in Huntsville, and the beginnings of what is sure to be many years of confusion over the ethic makeup of our family. We love that God is using us to paint a picture of His love, acceptance, and kingdom.

@zachking thinks he is at strategic planning retreat but we are hazing him. 2 day long episode of punkd. Today ashton jumps out with camera          5:00 AM Apr 15th from Twitterrific

Sometimes all you can do is laugh. Given the trauma of these “strategic” 3 days, it is a wonder Zach does not have a nervous tic. Loved waking up and looking at him in his bed at the hotel, pillows piled on his head to muffle my snoring.

Arguing theology of Heaven and new body with my 5 year old. I actually played the seminary card. Masters degrees don’t impress preschoolers            8:26 PM Apr 15th from Twitterrific

This was after Macy had opened the passenger door of my F123 as we were rolling down Huffmeister… I told her how dangerous it was to do that and how she could get hurt badly or even fall out under the tire and die. She told me it was ok because in Heaven she gets a new body… what can you say to that?

How I am spending my mothers day: http://twitpic.com/4xmx2 My wife is awesome!           2:05 PM May 10th from Twitterrific

The Rockets poured it on the Lakers, if only for one game… it was awesome to get to go hang out there, in a suite, with my best friend Crull, and jump and yell and scream. Kept saying… “That’s Kobe Bryant…” And it was Mother’s Day… beautiful.

About to have breakfast with an new Fry Pioneer and then come home and smoke all afternoon…          7:14 AM May 25th from web

A few folks had questions about this one… Ribs and Brisket people, Ribs and Brisket!

In a meeting trying to give a coherent interview… but distracted by Carl over there on Robbie’s nose.          2:10 PM Jun 9th from TweetDeck

Have to give credit to Zach for naming this huge pimple on Robbie’s nose… It was awesome when I sent this in the meeting and Robbies phone buzzed… he looked at the message and thankfully smiled.12093849

OK.. so i get 2/3 through a BIG bowl of #RaisinBran cereal from #Post and find that my milk is swimming with worms.. pictures coming.          10:18 AM Jun 12th from web

This picture says it all two scoops in every box.

Downside of having music cranked up in my ears at the Gym: when on the leg press and straining to lift- no clue how loud accidental gas is            4:12 PM Jun 17th from TweetDeck

I can confirm that it was loud enough for the lady three machines over to turn and look at me.

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  1. Love ’em dude. Glad you’re a part of my life….even if I can’t eat another bowl of cereal!

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