The Swap

Pretty intense time with God this morning wrestling with what I have and what I do with it.

In reading in Mark 14, about Jesus being anointed by the woman with the alabaster jar. I wish I could say that I was at least operating in the feigned nobility as some of the party guests were, at the waste of such resources to the expense of the poor. I would probably have been thinking “dang girl, keep that stuff- it will be worth something someday.” Reality is, my alabaster jar would still be at home on the shelf.

Its a tough thing to face the facts of the reality of my stewardship of talents, maturity, people ethos, resources, mental capacity, time, family, and possessions. And it is painful coming on the heels of the lessons he is teaching me on discipline in my life.

I feel pretty weighed down.

But I thank God that He loves me and gave himself for me. And cares enough to reveal this to me, in not having given up on me. And I know that He wants to take this yoke and give me His yoke and burden. Praying to make the swap today.

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