Sunday ReCap: Sept 20

The MET at Fry Road was buzzing this week and we got to do one of my all-time favorite things in church-life: baptisms! And while the HOW of our Fry Road campus still has some development ahead, there is no doubt that the Vision of WHO we are and WHY we do what we do has never been more clear. Here is the ReCap from Sunday:

  • I love the Power Team… the 6am crew is a devoted bunch of doers, who love to see their work produce immediate results.
  • We forgot a major piece of equipment, so I ran back to the Jones campus at about 6:45 AM… there was nobody setting up anything over there! While it may be nice to just walk in and go, I would not trade the spirit and fun we experience before the sun comes up each week at Hopper.
  • Our new Adventure Outpost environments are incredible, nothing beats seeing children learn Biblical truths in an intentionally designed presentation that is relative to their learning stage… love the dueling worship!
  • Exploration Island looks amazing! The huge leaves and jungle vines are an engaging exciting way to set the table for laying Biblical foundations in our preschool children.
  • Bailey’s “baptism shirt” was awesome! I love celebrating life change and publicly declaring the life change of Christ in your life!
  • “Love Story” promises to be a great series in the life of our campus… cannot wait to see what God wants to say to me through this series.
  • Getting to be the 3D Pastor of Fry in moments like baptism and walking with families through life’s junk is humbling and challenging, and most of all rewarding!
  • I tried to comfort Sal and told him that being the 2-dimensional Teaching Pastor is not as cool as being 3-dimensional, but hey- its much better than being 1-dimensional… deep down he thinks I am funny. Right?
  • We have a big week planned and I am excited about what God has in store this Sunday… if you have not joined a Life Group yet, you need to do so asap… here is our group link online access.
  • This past Sunday’s load-out was great, I will admit that for a couple weeks before that it wasn’t so great. We have had some folks out and some who had to leave… Thanks to all of you who stayed this past Sunday and helped us get out before 1:30! Every week many hands will get us all home to watch football faster.
  • It looks like I might call out the Texans each week if it leads to a win… I am thinking that if we stayed every Sunday and had a great load-out, then we might have a SuperBowl in our future!

Have a great week, Meet You on Fry Road!

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