Sunday ReCap: September 13

Yesterday’s services at Fry Road might be #2 all-time favorite for me at Fry Road… Aside from our public launch Sunday, yesterday was the most emotional spirit-filled services we had! Nothing gets me more fired up than to hear God’s people worship together and then be challenged to go and make a difference in people’s lives! Between our incredible worship team and Lance speaking to the heart of reaching people, it was an awesome day! We definitely have some challenges in a lot of areas, but God is at work! Here is the ReCap:

  • One of the most overlooked and underappreciated teams at the Fry Road campus is our Power Team. The guys that get here at 6 am and setup, not only have to just get out of bed, but lately, our adjustments to the children and preschool setup means that each Sunday brings a new challenge. Big thanks to those guys for allowing us to fine tune what we are doing to reach our children more effectively.
  • Some transparency here: there are not enough people on the Power Team. Our guys are incredible and committed, but everyone has limits. If more people do not step up and join the team, we will not be able to reach our community with near the effectiveness. If you are not serving anywhere, here is your “where”… We need people (not just guys) at 6am and to stay after the 11am service to help load out.
  • You need to be on the Power Team. I will buy you coffee for getting up early. You can use your DVR and not miss the football games after service.
  • Our 4-6 Grade environment and 1-3 Grade environment in Adventure Outpost were rocking this week… There is an open house coming up in a couple weeks for parents to get to see what we have going on… mad props to the AO team for dividing and conquering as we reach the hearts of our grade school children and lay Biblical foundations.
  • I love seeing our First Touch team walking people around… I have had so many people compliment our guest focus.
  • Ricky Jackson led us well this week, I know he is my friend and I am biased, but it was a great time of worship. And the best part is, it really had nothing to do with Ricky or the rest of the team… it was totally God’s Spirit engaging our hearts. Inspired by worship Sunday. Kudos to the whole team for leading us.
  • I love it when people are insistent upon wanting to join the church immediately… kind of works against our strategy to let them Discover The MET, and then become members… but its really cool when people are passionate about wanting to be a part of what we do.
  • This fall has the promise of being an incredible season of ministry… I cannot wait to see what God is going to do through our Life Groups. If you have not signed up, you are a loser. Just kidding, but seriously.
  • Been praying over the names of people who need a “search and rescue” today… also praying for lots of folks in both the Jones and Fry campuses who are looking for jobs. Will figure out a way to share some first names soon.

Just ran out of steam… will holler more later this week. Need more coffee.

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