Sunday ReCap: Oct 11

Lately these Sundays are pretty interesting… With rain and rampant flu, a church just getting started can look very different from week to week. Even 8 months into this second campus of The MET, on a rainy flu-ey Sunday morning, I get that quiver of: This can go either way today. But thankfully, our God is good and has us out there in Hopper Middle School for a reason… and this Sunday, He changed lives and drew people to Him! Here is the rundown:

  • We managed to load in and load out without too much inclement weather… although it did rain pretty hard during services.
  • Load out went really quickly back in the Children & Preschool areas… Totally attributable to having 3 extra hands to help. Man, if you are looking to have an impact this week, hang out after the second service and load out!
  • Our First Touch team manned the umbrellas and helped people get in and stay somewhat dry.
  • Worship was great, Will Mitchell led us and we sang one of my favorite songs right now: “How He Loves” as performed by David Crowder. I am overwhelmed by the lyrical content of this song!
  • The overcast weather helped our lighting again this week… every cloud has a silver lining, or in this case bright white spotlight.
  • Discover The MET was awesome- had a family of 4 connect with our church and commit to Worship Belong Serve and Connect each day!
  • Also had a woman give her life to Christ at Discover… she was just there to check a membership box so she could teach- now she will spend eternity with God in heaven!
  • Hoping to get her into the baptism pool this Sunday as we do some dunking… Fry Road style. The pool will be inflated Sunday, do not miss out on this time to celebrate life change!
  • People coming from other faith backgrounds, especially Catholic, struggle with baptism… I love sharing the truth of God’s word about baptism.
  • Not to over-spiritualize it, but I do believe that while Baptism is not a CONDITION of salvation, there is a certain CEMENTING of salvation within the heart and mind of the individual when they stand before others and profess Christ as Lord and Savior and then get dunked.
  • Can you tell I am geeked for baptism this Sunday?
  • I love that people are hanging around and helping with load out each Sunday… who wants to try the 6 AM shift? Come on, all the cool kids are doing it….
  • Did I mention that someone gave their life to Christ Sunday, and didnt even realize their need for salvation… makes me wonder how many people are sitting out in the crowd unaware of what the answer to their greatest needs are.
  • The TOY DRIVE is going to BLOW UP at Fry Road this year… keep your eyes peeled next week for some opportunities to be a part.
  • One thing does concern me that has become a habit at our campus… when these guest worship leaders start the service, there is generally about 7-15 people in the crowd… we need to figure out how to get people in and ready on-time.
  • Oh yeah… Guess who else gets to service on time? Guests. They are actually a little early when they visit. So, for about the first 5 minutes, put yourself in the guest’s mind… what would you be thinking about the church when everyone trickles in for about the first 20 minutes? What can we do about this?

I am looking forward to an incredible Sunday celebrating life change… be there on time… I might just give something away at 9:30 and 11:00 this week.

Meet you on Fry Road


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  1. I had been listening to/singing “How He Loves” all week and gettin choked up. When we sang it at church, the flood gates opened and I just wept. Re being on time, because I’m serving, it makes it hard to get in there on time, as I’m getting everything settled and off to a good start. But I will make more of an effort to be more visitor minded and be in the service earlier.

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