Sunday ReCap Oct 18

Destiny BaptismYou can sum up how I feel about last Sunday in 1 word: baptism. How can we not have a great Sunday when someone goes public with their faith in Christ! Here is the ReCap from Sunday:

  • Setup team was SLIM Sunday morning… Our Power Team needs some recharging. We missed you at 6 AM at Hopper… if you are looking for a quick place to plug in, be a part of the Power Team!
  • That said, we set a new record on Load Out Sunday, because many people stuck around and helped us load out! 1:13 and the trailers were shut! Wooo Hooo… I have always said that getting out by 1PM was the Holy Grail of load out… I think we can do it now more than ever.
  • Worship was great Sunday, I am looking forward to having Adam lead for us 2 out of the next 3 weeks.
  • I thought Scott nailed it with the message Sunday… I could see some holy discomfort in the crowd as I got up to lead in prayer at the end of the service.
  • Also had quite a few people say they thought the message ended too quickly… that they were engaged in the thought of what resilience looks like from God’s perspective…. I totally agree and am looking forward to hearing from Pastor Sal this Sunday.
  • Cannot say that I have ever been told I talked to little… oh well, maybe one day. Maybe not.
  • Our Preschool and Children’s ministry leadership really felt the effects of the flu this past Sunday… I am guessing we can expect this for a few more weeks- I am drinking Lemon Tea as I type this… Please make every effort to fulfill your serve commitment during this crazy time.
  • I did hear that the 1-3 grade worship has been pretty cool lately… I hope to get down there this week.
  • Again, baptism was awesome – loved being soaking wet on stage during second service.
  • If you didnt hear, during the 9:30 hour, I challenged “someone” in the audience who knew that they needed to be baptized to go ahead and do it- in their street clothes. I also said I would baptize in my street clothes as well…. One student who recently gave her life to Christ at Truth Students said it was her. So she did. And so did I. (see picture)
  • We also celebrated new life in Christ with 2 other people who had never gone public with their faith through baptism.
  • Every Sunday, my alarm goes off at 4:14 AM (odd alarm times help me get up) and I don’t usually get home until around 1:30 or 2:00 PM… then our Life Group meets from 5-7 PM… but let me tell you, Sundays are great, and our Life Group has been a needed breath of fresh air for Kelly and I.
  • We are studying “Effective Parenting in a Defective World” in our Life Group, and every week we are challenged and encouraged by the study, but especially by our LG members. There is no way to express how much doing life together matters.
  • I know some of you wanted to be in a group, but couldn’t this semester, even were willing to host or lead… don’t give up! Make sure and be a part during our next session… it’s totally worth the time and resilience!
  • If you are not in a Life Group, already start praying about when and where you will regularly circle up with others passionately pursuing Christ and belonging.

That’s about it for this Sunday ReCap… I have a couple first time guests to email- one heard about The MET @ Fry by driving by, one received an invitation… Don’t forget about Your 5… You never know what God will do with a simple invite.

Have a great week… Meet you on Fry Road!


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