Thanksgiving Eve

While I am looking forward to dinner with friends tomorrow, I will admit that I am missing hanging out with family right now… I remember Thanksgivings past in Greenville, SC with a house full of people, Alabama/Auburn fever, and building tent forts in my cousins’ playroom. Kind of sad that my kids are not experiencing that family bonding…

Wow, that sure was melancholy… On a lighter note, here are just a few of the things I am thankful for this year:

  • A God who loves me even when I act like… me and not Him… who is big enough to be small enough and gives me hope beyond all limits.
  • A wife who loves me even when I act like… me! 14-1/2 years fly fast when you love your life!
  • Beautiful kids who love with abandon (n. Unbounded enthusiasm; exuberance. A complete surrender of inhibitions.) and challenge me to be better.
  • Family all over the Southeast who love God and are fun to be around… looking forward to Christmas!
  • Friends spread all over the US (all the way up to Canada!!) who are real people and are great to hang out with and do life together.
  • A home (even if I am not the mortgagee….)- a place to rest and refresh my batteries- and the 50″plasma that sits in the living room.
  • The opportunity to connect people to the real Jesus and have it be my job… So undeserving and consider it an honor, not a right, to serve Christ vocationally.
  • A vision for seeing lives all over Cypress changed… marriages healed, families grown, and hearts powered by God’s Holy Spirit.
  • A band of assertive, humble, intelligent, hard-working, passionate, sold-out for Jesus, crack of dawn waking servants to live that vision with.
  • A staff who loves God, loves people, and puts up with me… challenges me to be better and leads people to greatness.
  • Whataburger… and I am calling your bluff on the A1 Thick and Hearty thing… I can already hear “due to overwhelming response its back…”
  • SEC Football and the ESPN Gameplan withwhich to watch said conference… Stuck in the land of BIG 1 football out here.
  • Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide… an oxidizing agent- it accepts electrons from other molecules and becomes reduced. However, it is also used in other cellular processes, notably as a substrate of enzymes that add or remove chemical groups from proteins, in posttranslational modifications.
  • Wikipedia.
  • Everyone who has taken time out of their life to read my ramblings… You guys need some hobbies or something.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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