Sunday ReCap -Nov 29

Beans and Rice… Thats about all I can say about Sunday. Ok… I will say a few other things:

  • There are a few Sundays a year that can be really tough as far as attendance in services and volunteer participation… The Sunday after Thanksgiving is probably one of the worst possible.
  • While attendance was down, and load in/out took a while, the thing I love about our Fry Campus is that there is always an air of servanthood and anticipation.
  • Lance preached a great message on Sunday, and challenged us to rethink what we believe about what we deserve.
  • I have been sending links to the message each week, but just found out today that the past few have not been posting… sorry about that, will get that fixed asap.
  • Worship was great Sunday, so thankful for Ricky and his heart. He has told me that he loves being a part of The MET @ Fry.
  • Great moment on Sunday when we all realized that all of the songs we were singing had to do with eating in some way… immediately realized that the worship set was planned before Thanksgiving.
  • Been eating beans and rice for a couple of days now. Its amazing to realize that we will probably save as much money in one week that it takes to feed, clothe, and educate a child in Africa for a whole year. Staggering.
  • I am looking forward to hearing the stories of how God is challenging everyone through Believe and the Big Give.
  • I fired myself Sunday morning. Then rehired myself and asked: what would be an obvious change or adjustment that a new person would make.
  • Good news is the New Campus Pastor liked what he saw and most of the tweaks we need to make are minor.
  • That said, we need to re-up on folks serving… every someone has something for them somewhere to do.
  • Our Life Group meets on Sunday nights and is probably my favorite part of the day… Sunday, we got caught up in talking and hanging out and realized that 45 minutes passed before we got started.
  • We also tried to stay quiet after we finished so the kids wouldn’t know we were done and we could snack a little.
  • Chip Ingram’s “Effective Parenting in a Defective World” has been super challenging to Kelly + I… we are learning a ton.
  • Learning and growing is more fun in a group of people where you BELONG.

Looking forward to Sunday, getting to challenge us on what we believe about what we see, and Ricky leading worship again…

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