Of Arks and Snails

So, as I begin my Bible in a year journey, and the first few chapters of Genesis, I have had this internal struggle building up. There are two opposing forces working inside of me. First, the faith-filled, artistic Bryan who loves the great stories of our faith. Which battles the the scientific, cynical Bryan who reads about gardens and towers and arks and says, how in the world could this have been physically possible. I will admit, the feat of getting every animal in the ark challenges me.

So I prayed. I asked God to again give me of little faith a reminder that “How?” isn’t as important as “Why?” and “What Now.”

I had almost forgotten that prayer until I reached for my truck door handle (yes that amazing 97 Ford F150 with the squeaky steering is all-mine!) and saw this:

Just to the right of the handle, that little brown smudge is a snail. 3 feet up on a vertical plane, with no immediate direct connection to the ground… A snail on my door, with a meandering trail all over the side of my truck. To get here it either A) came from above – dropping off of a bird somehow landing uninjured on my truck during the night’s storms…  or B) did some impressive and determined climbing up a tire, across and axle, up some suspension, under a wheel well, and then around to my door. In about 10 hours. In the pouring rain.

As I was trying to determine how, I realized it was a good reminder that God’s possible is much bigger than my imaginable. So God, thanks for that little snail, a reminder that I don’t have to be able to figure everything out to know you are there.

And, snails lose their grip at about 57 miles an hour. I wonder what the guy driving the car behind me had prayed that morning?

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