Standout Moments of the 2012 London Olympics

Michael Phelps being Michael Phelps
What more can be said here? Even when he wasn’t winning the gold, Michael stayed true to his mission, and is now the most decorated Olympic Athlete in history. As a former competitive swimmer (at nowhere near this level), I know just a taste of the many hours in the water with only your thoughts, dreams, fears and goals in your head. In the pool, it’s you and your brain… and I would venture that beyond their physical strength, swimmers have some of the strongest minds around. Michael Phelps’ success can surely be traced back to his mindset, which then fueled every lap, meal and workout until that last gold medal ceremony.

Oscar Pistorius Finishing Dead Last in His 400M Semifinal.
True Olympic Spirit on display, the “Blade Runner” was thankful to have the opportunity to just be there, the first double amputee to compete at the Olympics. Though he finished far from the Gold Medal, Oscar knew why he was there and what a privilege it was, as contrasted by pouty gymnasts finishing 2nd best. In. The. World.

Hope Solo’s Defensive Teammates
For every great save Hope made in the Gold Medal Women’s soccer match yesterday, there was an equally impressive clear or block by one of her defensive backs at or near the goal. Watching their instincts kick in after years of training and repetition was amazing. Every time Hope left the goal, one or more teammates dropped into place and protected the back post. Their play goes to show that consistency and a singular focus combined with a great team are unstoppable.

In our churches, these traits can be present as well… knowing why we are here, having a singular focus on what our mission is, calling a great team of staff and lay leaders who know when they are on target, and then having one-mind together on how to accomplish this Great Commission we have been given. When they are, it will bring something far greater and more eternal than a gold medal. So lets get to work.

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