Why Do I Write Handwritten Notes?

Simple answer… I write handwritten notes because I love to get handwritten notes.

In a world of full email inboxes, of which I delete at least 50% (if not more) without reading of my new emails. I read the others, but I no longer have a sense of anticipation in receiving an email anymore… that ended with my free 500 hours from AOL about 15 years ago.

However, when I go to the mailbox at the street and see a note, especially with a handwritten address, it catches my attention.

And I read it.

And I appreciate it.

Recently I purchased a new computer travel brief, as my daughter called it: my big boy backpack. And it was tough, I am a cool backpack or messenger bag kind of guy, that needed to shift to a more professional piece of gear.

So I did my research, asked other travel pros, and decided to make an investment in a TUMI bag. And it was an investment. But I knew that I would need a bag that would last and that had the functionality that most other bags did not.

Yesterday (less than a week later), I received a handwritten note from the salesperson at the TUMI store thanking me for my purchase. She also commented on my “grown up” purchase and assured me I would enjoy it for years to come. She also offered to be of assistance for any future needs I will have (like the carry-on suitcase I was looking at).

And I probably will buy the carry-on. When I save up enough of course.

Because I appreciated her note. It took some extra effort, it took some thought, and some investment. When someone visits your church or campus, how do you acknowledge them? They may not have made a monetary investment, but for many of today’s families… taking the time to get the kids ready on a Sunday morning, is probably more of an investment than you might imagine. If you have any kind of security in your children’s ministry, you should have no excuse for not having a guest family’s home mailing address. Most times, all of those cards just get put in a file on Monday morning, they are an easy connection tool.

So, imagine how you feel getting a handwritten note, then go and write one yourself. Maybe even throw in a small Starbucks giftcard as a thank you.

I guarantee the receiver will appreciate it.

Because I know you do.

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