Why I Do Not Go To Catalyst

I am excited.

Tomorrow, Catalyst, starts in Atlanta with the lab sessions, and then goes into full force on Thursday and Friday. For 13 or so years Catalyst has been fertile soil for thought outliers in our generation to sow into the lives of young leaders, and by virtue of time, old ones now too. By my count, I have attended either 9 or 10 times.

I could devote an entire day to listing the moments at Catalyst when the sun stood still and God’s Spirit moved in me, but the first one occurred at North Point when Erwin was also Raphael, and balloons and John Maxwell were at his command. I will also never forget when 12,000 people cried as one (did we set a World Record on that one?) during the infamous “Compassion Moment” a few years ago.

Needless to say there are a lot of reasons why I go to Catalyst, but there are also a few reasons why I do not go to Catalyst…

I Do Not Go To Catalyst to get ministry methodology and best practices.  This is not a “how to do” event for me… Catalyst is a “how to be” leadership infusion.

I Do Not Go To Catalyst to passively “ride-out” another worship set. And believe me, I can be cynical about worship sets… Catalyst is a two-day retreat to actively confront God with a hungry soul.

I Do Not Go To Catalyst to receive affirmation in my spiritual walk. My butt is challenged and kicked every year… Catalyst reminds me to move beyond my lazy, comfortable, “when I get around to it” attitude toward pursuing Christ.

I Do Not Go To Catalyst to go home the same. No matter how I arrived, going home is about who I am departing, not how or when… Catalyst stirs me, moves me, wrecks me, checks me and more than any source, other than the Word, Catalyst has been a tool God has used to shape me.

This year, I will experience Catalyst outside of a church-staff role for the first time, as a vision clarity navigator for Auxano serving churches all across the country. I will be filtering my experience this year using this new lens and the Twitter tag #catclarity. I will also provide session highlights and a Catalyst clarity round-up here on the blog later this week.

So if you are in the ATL this week and at the Arena, hit me up… I would love to connect. If you cannot make it this year, get to one of the incredible Catalyst events- the Dallas or West Coast convergences or a Catalyst One Day event. I guarantee, you will have a list of reasons to not go again, just like me.

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