What Does A Pioneer Look Like?

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Whether you are launching a campus or planting a church, one of the critical components to success lies within the development of the core team. Empowering a passionate team of people that embodies the DNA and lives out the vision is critical to launching strong, and reaching the community.

Alongside the benefits of a clearly articulated Vision Frame for ministry, this DNA can be expressed by giving the core team an identity to wear, like a team jersey. Challenging the team to take on the passion, posture and mindset of a PIONEER is a great identity to build.

Aside from the dictionary definitions of pioneer (one who opens up and area or prepares a way that has not been before; one who initiates or participates in the development of something new) the word pioneer brings to mind vivid imagery:

Wagon trains blazing a trail westward against imposing opposition.

Doctors solving complex medical problems with life-saving results.

First steps on the moon and high definition imagery from the surface of Mars.

The heart of a pioneer in a multisite church campus launch is stirred for people, like Jesus looking on people with compassion. A pioneer heart is challenged to serve beyond reason, especially in the portable church world. Also, a pioneer heart is reached while it reaches others for Christ… as were the hungry disciples collecting 12 baskets of leftovers.

As a campus pastor preparing the launch team, walk the divisiveness line carefully within the sending church, but boldly call out a core team to be pioneers. Lead them to set their hearts to bigger and better things ahead.

What identity have you given your launch team to wear? Why?



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