The Campus Pastor’s Tool Kit

ToolKitOver the last several years, I have been afforded the opportunity lead local churches in designing, launching and leading MultiSite ministry, as well as gaining insight developed serving other churches in the alignment and reconfiguration of their MultiSite approach. As a result of this experience, and through broad exposure to varying methods and models, a desire has developed to create a needed resource to church leaders across the MultiSite Church spectrum.

Over the next few months, we will begin to assemble the Campus Pastor’s Tool Kit on the Launch Clarity blog. The goal is to create simple, practical principles for Campus Pastors and MultiSite Church leaders that can be accessed and applied across the spectrum of MS ministry. It is my prayer that this will be a catalyst for campus pastor development, as well as a resource for increased ministry effectiveness.

Please take a few minutes to shoot me an email or post a comment in regard to the two questions below as we lean in toward launch clarity together.

If you are a MultiSite church leader, what is one thing you wish you knew as you were in the planning stages of launching a campus?

If you are considering a MultiSite approach to ministry, what key questions are on your whiteboard right now?