Are you THOSE people? 5 Actions to Keep Your Website Current

Christmas in January?

In serving the local church, I see quite a few church websites.

This is a good thing, and many times it is a painful thing.

Some studies show that 9 out of 10 first time guests to a church visit the church website first. It goes without saying that in 2014, web presence is priority.

And most important in web presence, is staying current. Animated gifs and web1.0 design could be forgiven in light of regular content curation and current information.

However, no measure of compelling design or creative hip-ness can overcome old content. 

Like information on Christmas Services… a full week into January. 

Unless Advent has somehow been extended, your website is now officially the house in the neighborhood with the Christmas inflatables lingering in the front yard.

You are THOSE people. 

Here are 5 simple and immediate actions to keep your website current:

  1. Take 10 minutes and click every link, look at every page. Immediately email staff or ministry leaders responsible for outdated or missing information. If it is the Senior Pastor, think first about how their outdated content may be automated or removed altogether.
  2. Set a calendar reminder to spend 5 minutes looking at the website, weekly. This is as important as keeping the glass on your main entry doors clean. They are clean, right?
  3. Take down anything that will not easily manage itself. Blogs and podcasts are great… if you consistently blog and podcast. Tip: if you think you will, you definitely will not.
  4. If you have media streams, and they are not clear, crisp and up to date, take them down. Remember, no service audio or video is better than old or bad service A/V.
  5. Ask the neighbor with the Christmas inflatables to take a look at and give you feedback. Who knows where the conversation could lead…

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