When Clarity Happens

bluskyWe have a few axioms around the Auxano team, one being: “Clarity isn’t everything, but it impacts everything.” 

I have also appropriated a hashtag in social media: #clarityhappens.

These two thoughts together provide a powerful understanding for a large number of church leaders. Pastors who are exercising every resource available to break-thru some growth challenges they face. Pastors who still seem to be circling the edges of disciple-making growth.

Clarity happens, for sure, but it doesn’t just happen.

Clarity takes work. Focus. Courage.

And every time, it requires change.

So what do we see when clarity happens?

Synergy. Growth. Momentum. 

And every time, it requires celebration.

But don’t take my word for it… check out this vision video from our friends at Good Shepherd Church in the Charlotte area. The language scripted is more than just good copy, they are the spoken words of their vision frame.

And the images of their missional [mandate : motivators : map : marks] lived.

Exciting, life-changing, disciple-making transformation is possible.

When clarity happens.

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