9 Reasons You’re Probably Putting Off Scheduling a Meaningful Leadership Retreat (and What to Do About It)

Imagine a day when every staff member and key lay leader wakes up with a clear and shared understanding of God’s better future for your church. A day when the question “What’s your vision, Pastor?” brings you energy and excitement and not dread or suspicion. Imagine a day when every ministry understands their role in fulfilling the entire church’s disciple-making call, not just their role in filling a ministry program.

How does this become a reality? Is it possible that a time away together as a staff and leadership team could lead to these God-sized dreams? It will never happen if you keep putting off scheduling a meaningful leadership retreat.

This type of pastoral procrastination often happens because:

  1. There has never been any measurable return on the investment of the time it will take.
  2. Leadership is living from Sunday to Sunday putting out fires and cannot focus together for long.
  3. Everyone typically makes great relational strides on retreats but achieves very little tactical progress.
  4. There have never been any resources budgeted for getting the team away to pray and plan.
  5. The team’s credibility is at stake if yet another plan gets created but not executed.
  6. It is easier to install yet another “silver bullet” program than it is to invest in a lasting process.
  7. Anyone on the team could lead a good enough retreat, but nobody has the time to facilitate an excellent one.
  8. It has always been easier to just rely on the Senior Pastor for all the answers.
  9. There is so much that needs to be done, it is hard to know where to even start.

If you’ve been putting off pulling away for a staff retreat one or more of the above reasons likely resonate with you. Waiting until you have enough time or money to get the team away just masks the reality that you won’t ever get around to it…

Until a significant enough crisis arrives and forces your hand.

There is good news! You don’t have to solve every staff retreat problem all at once. You only need to take the first step. Join David Putman and me in our upcoming webinar on May 10 at 2 pm EDT – Gain (and Don’t Lose) Ground this Summer: How 2 Days Can Produce 10 Years of Actionable Results

Together we will walk through a dynamic and reproducible plan for two days of catalytic process with your team that will impact the next decade. We will introduce you to the only church-leadership planning tool that fulfills your team’s need for visionary direction as well as strategic execution. During the webinar, you will gain the information you need to take the next critical step toward even more effective disciple-making growth.

Space is limited so don’t hesitate to reserve your spot before May 10. Isn’t it time to finally experience a staff retreat designed to produce results that impact every ministry and person at your church?

Register for the Gain (and Don’t Lose) Ground this Summer webinar here.



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