Two Unmistakable Qualities of a Truly Visionary Plan

Special guest post from my fellow auxano navigator, David Putman… two unmistakable qualities of a truly visionary plan

As I write this blog, I’m on a flight from ATL to LAX. Here’s what I know.  If the plane is one degree off course in just over four hours of flying time, we will miss LAX by fifty-miles.  The same is true for our churches.  If we fail to have a clear vision of where God is taking us and plan for achieving it we could be in big trouble.  

A good visionary plan does two things:  It answers the question, “Where is God taking us?”  And, “How will we get there?”  It is both strategic and tactical.  God wants to do something cosmically significant and locally specific in and through your church.  And it all begins by discovering God’s unique vision for your church.  As we ( often state it, “Clarity isn’t everything, but it changes everything.”  

Join Bryan Rose and me on our upcoming webinar on May 10th at 2 PM EDT, designed to introduce you to Gain (and Don’t Lose) Ground this Summer:  How two days Can Produce 10 Years of Actionable Results.

In my years of leading churches and organizations through both strategic and tactical planning, I couldn’t be more excited about this visionary planning process.  Imagine putting your summers to work for you by spending two days with your team developing God’s unique vision for you and a ten-year plan for actually achieving it.

Don’t miss this opportunity.  Sign up for our webinar here.

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