Sunday ReCap

I am so thankful that my meaning in life is based on more than Houston’s professional NBA franchise… I was really hoping that the Rockets would be able to pull off a win at LA on yesterday, but alas… without the big guys, it was not to be. As I watched from home Sunday, I experienced all of the opposite emotions that I felt while sitting at the game last Sunday. Instead of pulling for the Rockets to build a 20 point lead from a suite, I was pulling for them to cut into a 20 point lead from my couch. Instead of jumping up at every hit 3 point shot, I sunk lower at every miss. Instead of cheering every home-court-advantage foul call, I was frustrated at them. Its funny, how as a fan of the Rockets, my emotions get involved when I watch the game, live or on my TV.

Sunday was cool as I got to deliver the message on Coming Clean from Overestimating Yourself that Sal taught at Jones Road a couple Sundays ago. The outline was the same, but I am pretty sure that they are pretty different messages- I know Sal didn’t talk about the “old guys” or being Super-Sized. As we look forward to testing out some different delivery methods for the message at Fry in the next few weeks, I look forward to hearing the truth of God’s Word in new and exciting ways!

Here are some highlights from Sunday:

  • Getting to teach the truth of God and feeling the conviction of what I was speaking.
  • Carl doing a great job with welcoming everyone, especially our guests, to The MET.
  • One of my Top 3 favorite worship sets since we have been here… Todd and the team took me there!
  • Taking 10 minutes at the end of the 11 service to talk and build connections.
  • The fastest load-out EVER, even with the 10-minute pause! Did the 2:30 tip-off have anything to do with that?
  • Watching Mike hand-crank the gym flooring- he is an animal. Peyton and I were mere boys when we tried.
  • This isn’t from Sunday, but giving people all over Cypress more than 1200 invitations to The MET @ The CyFair Health Expo on Saturday.
  • Having a killer booth setup at said Expo, and sowing seeds like crazy.
  • Our Fry Road servant leaders are amazing… to find your place among them, start here.

Its going to be a great week… I can feel it already!

Meet You on Fry Road


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