Flash Mob

In the months leading up to the launching of our campus on Fry Road, one of the most fun and engaging things we did to generate some buzz in our core launch team was to schedule some Flash Mobs over Christmas vacation. If you do not know what a flash mob is, to put it simply its a pre-planned time for a large group of people to appear suddenly in a particular public place- usually to do something funny or crazy. You can read more here.

Although we did not do anything crazy, our core team enjoyed the spontaneous get-togethers during their holiday break, and it helped to keep some momentum rolling during an otherwise slow time. I also stashed a $50 Target gift card in our area of influence, which caused a LOT of people to want to get on our e-mail list. The winners got some added Christmas spending money.

I was reminded of all of this today while watching SportsCenter (while eating worms) and saw this great flash mob that recently occurred in LA along with one of my all time favorite songs… See it on YouTube here.

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