Sunday ReCap 7.19

IMG_0515There was a buzz around Fry Road today that reminded me a lot of those first few weeks of launch… lots of people walking in, looking around, excited about being at Hopper Middle School and anticipating God doing big things. The Heart of Worship, Serving Hearts, Truthseekers, and Growing Covenant Life Groups from Jones Road were amazing today- participating and experiencing Fry. What a day… here is a rundown:

  • Goose bumps this morning when I was standing outside of Hopper with 10-12 men from Jones and the  trailers rolled up. The looks on their faces when I said “here comes our church” was priceless.
  • I never get tired of the energy of the Power Team at load-in, and the extra dozen or so people kicked it to the next level this morning… we had about 45 extra minutes to rearrange some of our First Touch setup.
  • Speaking of FT setup, we did a few things differently today, what were your thoughts on the coffee location and flow of traffic today? Email me at or post a comment to this blog.
  • It was great having Pastor Robbie speaking at Fry today- he did a great job and challenged me on my surrender- not afraid to say that I have trouble letting go some times.
  • Worship in Second Service was a blast- great double time clapping to the 11AM worshippers!
  • It was great to see new Fry faces serving for the first time this week- God is adding people to the team and Summer is truly a time of growth for us.
  • Had some first time guests from last week come back this week, excited to see what God is doing.
  • August 16 is going to great, had a couple more people tell me they were ready to be dunked in the pool… The 16th is going to be fun in every way as families worship together and we celebrate two of the core practices of the church: communion and baptism.
  • I was dragging a little bit towards the end of the 11 AM service, missed my Red Bull this morning, one of the Jones Road guys drank his right in front of me- not cool man, not how we roll at Fry.
  • As I toured some of those Experiencing Fry Road, it was great to hear them marvel at how much goes into a Sunday at Hopper, one person even said: “It feels like a church…” – uhh yeah. That works for me.
  • Our signs on Fry and in the parking lots also got a lot of attention, even inspired some jealousy.
  • As summer winds down, I am getting really pumped about this Fall. There has never been a better time to invite someone to life change at Fry Road. August 23 will “KickOFF” 2009/2010 and will be a great day of prayer and praise, filled with a bunch of “Next Level” improvements all over.
  • To the Fry Road Team, thanks for all you do- just got yet ANOTHER email about your Unselfish Service and amazing hearts for people to connect with the real Jesus in a real way.
  • Oh yeah- we were loaded and locked at 1:05… so close to the 1PM Holy Grail of load out. One day we will make it by one, and I am not sure what I will do… could be scary.

Another great week at Fry Road! I am blessed to get to lead this team, and follow our God!

Meet You on Fry Road


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