10 Ways An Intentional Congregational Survey Builds a 10X Strong MultiSite Church Start

buttonIn a MultiSite Church, an intentional congregational survey can be one of the most useful tools to plan and prepare the campus launch team. By intentionally creating an assessment of your church, using localized vision and vernacular, a precisely designed survey can bring insight to…

     1. Track Ministry Effectiveness

Learn who and where your volunteers and participants are currently involved. Using this insight, accurately plan for highly effective ministry right from the start at the new campus.

     2. Observe Giving Trends

Track current giving based on age, involvement level, service attendance, and geography to optimize the campus launch for rapid sustainability.

     3. Move Beyond Speculation

Understand the relationship between drive time and attendee involvement in serving or small group activities by region, and discover opportune campus launch locations.

4. Examine Strategy Involvement

Measure involvement in ministry activity and tune growth around disciple-making to create a culture of mission and fuel the pioneer spirit at the new campus.

 5. Streamline Campus Launching

Discern the important essentials of growth and service by prioritizing actual laity response, over staff speculation, and set-up the campus launch for efficiency from the beginning.

6. Recruit Core Teams

Cross-reference ministry involvement, spiritual growth trends and community needs to develop a focused, localized campus launch team.

7. Assess Growth Markers

Benchmark existing conversion rate and growth as disciples and incorporate that data into your campus launch sustainability plan.

 8. Feel Felt Needs 

Understand more about the opportunities to minister and extend the Gospel into your targeted launch area, concentrating financial and missional resources where they are needed the most.

9. Plan Strategic Direction

Develop a launch timeline around actual conditions and personal experiences, precisely orienting initiation of groups, ministry and service launches.

 10. Strengthen Guest Connections

Monitor the speed and strength of guest connections into Bible Study and service, tune the campus launch to be highly effective in guest experience and involvement.

Start a conversation here to learn more about how Auxano can create an intentionally designed, customized survey to strengthen your multisite campus launch or support virtually any other vision-driven ministry initiative at your church.

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